Now Playing: Diablo 3


I stumbled upon this game accidentally, never having played much in the Diablo series.  I was messing around with World of Warcraft and saw the digital ads for Diablo 3’s free trial on the PC.  I downloaded it and played with it a bit and thought that it looked pretty cool.  I googled some reviews and learned that it was available for consoles.  Knowing that I wasn’t playing much on my Xbox 360, I went over to Gamestop and grabbed a cheap used copy.   I am very happy that I did.

Jumping into the first Act, I picked a Sorcerer as that’s where I tend to begin any type of fantasy game.  My sorcerer, Ferrow, began the game with a standard magic missile spell and I traversed the short path to New Tristram.  As I made my way through Act I I realized that this game has the feel of the old school PC dungeon crawlers of the 90s like Dungeon Siege or Baldur’s gate, albeit a bit easier on the out set (I’m unable to play Hell or Inferno mode due to not having them unlocked yet).

The voice acting is cheesy, Deckard Cain reminds me of the holiday armadillo from this scene on Friends.   I was expecting him to tell me of the Maccabees and their plight in Egypt once he was done explaining the Horadrim.   That aside, the story is super generic at first…of course there’s a mysterious stranger and of course Deckard Cain foresaw the upcoming devastation of the planet, but playing through the game, cleaning out dungeons and fighting groups of mobs sure is a lot of fun.   I’m a  loot  junkie, so I am constantly looking for ways to upgrade my gear and change the way my character looks.  Without any options to customize your character when you start, gear is the best way to achieve a more unique look.

Halfway through the first act I decided that I wanted to get up close and personal so I created a Barbarian whom I’ve stuck with through the third act which I’m currently close to completing.   I named him  Rygar, after one of my all time favorite warriors from the 1980’s NES game.  Yes, the gamer is that old.

I have achieved level 30 currently and will continue to play through attempting to reach level 60 and I’d like to unlock the higher difficulty modes.  On normal mode I’ve taken out The Skeleton King, The Butcher, Maghda and Belial.  I’m working on Belial’s brother Azmodan and I expect to take him down today.

Has anyone played this?  Does anyone want to team up on Xbox to coop on a higher difficulty?

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Now Playing: Grand Theft Auto V on PS3

I stood on line at midnight back in September to get this game.  I spent $59.99 and then I put it on my shelf and now it’s 7 months later, the game sells for $38 at Gamestop and I am just now about to make it my current PS3 game as I’ve finished Bioshock Infinite and need to move forward.

The game world looks immense and I’m already intimidated by it.  I won’t lie, one of the biggest reasons I hate finishing Rockstar games is that I hate doing all the driving.  I suck at it, I cannot control the vehicles and once I get to a mission that is made more difficult by needing to drive away from the law I tend to quit on them.

Now that I’ve gotten into this one, I’d really like to play it through.  People that I talk to about this game seem to love it and tell me how awesome it is, so I’ll do my best to stick with it.  I don’t have much desire to play the online portion, but there seems to be a bunch of trophies associated with it.  Now, I’m NOT a 100% “completionist” by any means, but I do like to scoop up the trophies that I can.

At any rate, I have begun my ascent on Los Santos and made my way through the first few missions with Franklin and met Michael.  The game is really stellar and I’m just scratching the surface.  The city feels completely alive and the characters are full of intrigue, at least to me and hey, I already took a stripper home and did “stuff”.  Now she texts me pics, good job Rockstar.

I picked up the first few trophies:

  • Welcome to Los Santos – You repo’d a car and raced it through the heart of a sun-soaked metropolis.
  • Pimp My Sidearm – Fully mod a weapon.
  • Off the Plane – GTA Online: Complete the Introduction.


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Now Playing: Titanfall – Grabbed some trophies

Quick update, as I continue to get my ass handed to me in Titanfall.   Actually, I do hold my own for the most part.  I finished the main campaign and achieved a level 5 pilot, so I unlocked a few achievements:

  • Militia Pilot – Completed the militia campaign
  • Build Yourself – Created a custom pilot loadout
  • Vortex Volley – Caught a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex

I like the way Xbox One handles the achievement, giving them full screen picture scale and showing your progress to each of them when you check them out.  I still have my issues with the XBox One desktop interface looking like the evil Windows 8, but I’m getting used to it.

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Stay stubborn folks.


Completed: Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception


I know I’m a few years late to the party, but that’s how I play games.  I buy a stack of used games for a huge discount and play them as I can.  Uncharted 3 was the latest game I finished and once again I was blown away by the scope of the adventure that had just played out before me.  I can only speak for the main campaign, I did not play the multi-player component at all (Since my code had been used by the previous owner and I wasn’t paying for one).

Like all the Drake games, the environment is lush, beautiful and completely living and breathing around you. The adventure that takes place is something that would blow away a Hollywood script and main character Drake just becomes more flawed and more heroic with each new title.  The game spans a number of different countries as Nathan Drake and his old counterpart Victor “Sully” Sullivan search for the true reason Sir Francis Drake took his voyage 500 years ago.  We also get some back story, learning how Sully and Nathan met each other, which is a nice thing for long time fans of the series.

The game play is still a mix of climbing walls (that are sometimes impossibly tall and conveniently have perfectly placed items to grab onto), shooting enemies in grand scale firefights and solving puzzles to progress through levels.  It’s pretty much the same thing as the first two games, but it never feels stale as the story keeps churning forward with twists, turns and sometimes outright craziness.

The problem I found was at the end of the game, in the final few chapter which followed the script of the second game way too closely.  Without giving anything specific away, Drake and Sully find an epic lost city that has been hidden for hundreds (or thousands) of years, they find enemies that are supernatural (Be they real or fake) and are very difficult to kill in waves that get frustrating, then they have to run away as the road crumbles away behind them.

The game ends with a satisfying conclusion and I watch as the trophies for completing the game pop up and I say to myself, I cannot wait until the next one.  Hopefully Uncharted 4 on the PS4 comes out soon enough.

chartedCharted – Finished the game on normal difficulty

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