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Now playing: Titanfall Achievement Pickups


Played for about 90 minutes today, there isn’t much to update with this game’s progress since the campaign is just a multi-player map set.  Grabbed a few more achievements though, as I love padding my crappy gamer score.  Also, I changed my gamertag on Xbox Live to IrreverentGam3r (The normal spelling is taken…grrrr.)

Anyhow, check these out:

  • Best in Class – Finished as the top player on your team once
  • Customize your ride – Created a custom titan loadout
  • Refuge – Survived an evacuation
  • Titanfall – Called in your titan 25 times

Here are the corresponding pictures from the XBox One trophy set:

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Stay stubborn!

Now Playing: Titanfall – Grabbed some trophies

Quick update, as I continue to get my ass handed to me in Titanfall.   Actually, I do hold my own for the most part.  I finished the main campaign and achieved a level 5 pilot, so I unlocked a few achievements:

  • Militia Pilot – Completed the militia campaign
  • Build Yourself – Created a custom pilot loadout
  • Vortex Volley – Caught a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex

I like the way Xbox One handles the achievement, giving them full screen picture scale and showing your progress to each of them when you check them out.  I still have my issues with the XBox One desktop interface looking like the evil Windows 8, but I’m getting used to it.

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Stay stubborn folks.


Now playing: Titanfall


So this is the game that came with my Xbox One.  There isn’t much of a campaign to detail, though they claim one exists.  It’s basically a multi player online shooting game, with big freakin robots called Titans that you can use when available.  It’s a pretty cool concept and I’ve enjoyed it a bit, though there are still 11 year old kids whom own me (or pwn me, to use the parlance of our times).

Unfortunately the initial Xbox One lineup is awful, so I’ll stick with this until something bigger and better is released (C’mon Gears of War 4).

As usual, tweet me @irreverentgamer to discuss.

Stay stubborn!