Dark Souls : Anor Londo


I chose to push through Anor Londo blindly as I really wanted to see the new area of my game without any prejudice.  It’s a gorgeous landscape.  Serenity and beauty flow through the marble city with the ever setting sun, but peace and love are far from the greeting I received here.



Wrought with giant iron guards, silver knights at every corner, deadly assassin priests and annoying anorexic, white gargoyles Anor Londo proved challenging simply because I was unfamiliar with it’s layout.  The Knight Archer bottleneck proved awfully frustrating as I cost myself a soul stain with 120,000 souls and could barely get over it.  I am forced to farm the Knights at the entrance over and over for 9k per pass to make up for it.

Inside the church, I found my way to the bosses of the stage, Smough and Ornstein and thoroughly had my ass handed to me over and over before I figured them out.  The great part of this game is it’s difficulty is completely relative.  The bosses are impossible, until you figure them out.  At that point you can defeat them over and over.  Eventually Executioner Smough and Dragonslayer Ornstein were dead and I’d moved on.



Passing them and moving up the elevator, I was able to acquire the Lordvessel from Gwyndolin (whom is very sexy) and link the bonfires.  I went back to Firelink where Frampt took me to the altar where the Lordvessel is placed.  Now the major boss areas are open, and I’m puzzled as to where to go.

I did receive the trophy “Acquire the Lordvessel” so that was fun.

lordvessel trophy

Stay tuned!

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Stay stubborn folks.


Dark Souls : Pushing through Sen’s Fortress


I tried and died, tried and died, tried and died.  I was really about to pull my disc out of the PS3 and snap it in half.  In my first real bout of frustration, I traversed Sen’s Fortress and kept dying, sometimes because the traps were unexpected and sometimes because I was dumb and frustrated, but this game requires the ultimate level of perserverance and I took a deep breath and decided to just keep going.  Once I got to the top of the fortress I used the walls as cover and found my way to the fog door leading to the boss.  I was tempted to go all the way back to the bonfire so that I could reverse my hollowing and summon help, but I said screw it and walked into the fog.


The Iron Golem made his way towards me, and I locked on him as soon as he was in range.  I used the only remaining Great Heavy Soul Arrows that I had and took him down to 30 percent before he even got near me.  After switching to standard Soul Arrows I knocked off his remaining health and earned my 40,000 souls.

Once he was down, a group of Gargoyles scooped me up and took me to Anor Londo.  When I regained control I had earned the trophy for reaching Anor Londo.

reach anor

Now I have a whole new area to explore.  I have been walking around, killing what I can and have gotten to an area with two immensely nasty archers whom killed me, leaving a soul spot with 75,000 souls.  Ugh!!  I did get back there and now I have 90,000 souls on me.  I would spend them to level up, but I want to purchase spells from Big Hat Logan, and I need to hang on to them, which makes me very nervous.  Any wrong turn could cost me HUGE.

I’ll try to make it to the end of Anor Londo today, and I’ll update thereafter.

Stay tuned!

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Stay stubborn folks.

Dark Souls : Detour


In a break from the main story-line, I decided to take my Divine Sword +5 and hit The Catacombs.  It wasn’t bad, just annoying finding my way through.  I made my way down and around, taking on skeleton after skeleton until I found Pinwheel.



He really in the easiest boss in the game.  A few heavy soul arrows and down he went.

Rite of Kindling obtained!



This secret rite allows bonfires to be
bolstered further with Kindling,
so that even more Estus can be collected.

Kindling was a sacred rite passed down among clerics,
but all Undead can imitate the process in the same manner
that they restore their Hollowing with humanity.
How peculiar that humans had found little use for humanity until they turned Undead.

On my way to Sen’s.

Stay tuned!

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Dark Souls : Progress Made


After numerous falling deaths and general uneasiness traversing Blighttown, I was able to descend to the swamp and farm those nasty, slimy leeches for about an hour.  I picked up 16 green titanite shards and put them to good use (more on that later).  I got over my discomfort and did some looking around the swamp, found the bonfire and picked up the dragon scale in the back area.  Also, I made sure to stay human and defeated Maneater Mildred (rather easily).



Not so easily, I was invaded a few times by jerks who like to attack in their amazing gear and destroy me.  I suck at PvP as sorcery is so easily dodged (it seems) and it leaves me open to a devastating back-stab each time.  Bastards…

Moving on, I ran around the the swamp and found the Pyromancy merchant, Quelaan of Izalith.  I accidentally struck her while being attacked and she’s now dead.  Oh well.



Pushing on, I went up the wheel and looked around.  I stumbled…and fell off the rafter a few times.  Back up the water wheel and I stumbled upon the Crimson set and the Tin Catalyst.  I searched the sewer looking area and after taking out the 7,000 blow-dart dudes I found my second Fire-keeper Soul.  Awesome find.

Back down and off to check the mound of thorns.

Found the entrance to the spider lair and made the approach.  Found Mildred’s summon sign and traversed the white light.  Saw the cut-scene of Chaos-Witch Quelaag (she’s pretty hot) and expected to get owned over and over.


With Mildred taking up most of Quelaag’s attention, I was able to fire away with Great Heavy Soul Arrows and took her down with relative ease on my first try.  Went through the lair, rang bell number two and watched the opening of Sen’s Fortress.  Also, picked up the trophy for the bell: Ring the Bell (Quelaag’s Domain).


A quick run down the stairs and found the illusory wall which leads to Quelaag’s sister, The Fair Lady.

the fair lady


I took the opportunity to join her covenant (Chaos Servant) and picked up the trophy: Covenant: Chaos Servant.



With all of these things done, the new Bonfires lit and my spirits soaring because I didn’t toally suck, I made my way out of Blighttown via the ladders near the water wheel.  A quick drop by Rickert of Vinheim’s cell to upgrade my weapons.  Having green titanite shard in abundance allowed me to create a Magic Knife +5 and a Divine Sword +5, which will be helpful once I attempt The Catacombs.  Back up to Firelink.

Things have changed back at the Firelink Shrine.  The Fire Keeper is dead, so the bonfire no longer works, the warrior sitting there is annoyed with the new arrival, Frampt and although I love feeding him annoying gear, he’s odd.

I may attempt Sen’s fortress today, although I want to do a bit of exploring perhaps attempting to kill Sif or going in The Catacombs to take on Pinwheel.  We’ll see.

Stay tuned!

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Dark Souls : Update


I’ve been so uncomfortable with the thought of hitting Blighttown that I’ve been leveling up other characters as a diversion and avoidance tactic.  I’m a puss 😉

Anyhow, last night I put on my spider shield and poisonbite ring and  opened the gate in The Depths and took my descent into the grossly frustrating maze known as Blighttown.


Luckily, being a sorcerer gives me a nice advantage via my ranged attacks.  On the flip side of this, when an enemy avoids ranged and closes the gap, I truly suck at close combat.  Not too many got by and I only died a few times by falling off the ledges to my death.  Once I followed a hint left by a mean player which had some rating points…it was a bad idea.

I will head back in later today with the intent of getting to the swamp so I can farm Green titanite shards.

Stay tuned!

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Irreverent or Irrational? Ugh…

Being an irreverent gamer usually means I’m not playing the hottest game of the moment.  Usually I play a game, in it’s entirety, a few YEARS after it’s release.  I usually buy the game, and put it on my game shelf, where it sits until I decide I am ready to begin the play through.  This is usually fine, unless the game contains a popular online component such as Call of Duty which releases a new version every 12 hours or so 😉 although I don’t play much online outside of these.

Also, I’ve learned that this process of mine is dumb.  If I wait until I’m ready I can usually get the game for a heavily discounted price though eBay or used at Gamestop.  Maybe I’ll start using my brain….though I doubt it.

At any rate, I currently have about 20+ games waiting for me to play them, which is becoming a bit intimidating.  The current list of games I have to play is here.

Let me know if you’ve played or are playing any of these games.  I’d love to hear your SPOILER-FREE thoughts.

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Stay stubborn folks.

Dark Souls : What’s Wrong With Me?


So, I’m an insane human being.  My son, whom is five, monopolizes my TV and my wife HATES when he watches me play games.  Grrrr….

I have a mancave in my home, which I use rarely when I need to get away.  The TV is 16 inches smaller than my gaming set up and no surround sound, but I do have an XBox 360 down there, so what do I do?  As I’m being accosted for playing Dark Souls on my PS3, I have now ALSO bought Dark Souls for my XBox 360.

I’ll show them!

Please, leave comments to discuss if you are playing or have played.  I’d love to chat about it.

Follow my progress here.

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Stay stubborn folks.