Dark Souls : COMPLETED!!!!


It took me 50 hours of exploring, farming, fighting, dying, dying and dying but I have finally completed Dark Souls.  I figured out how to beat the Bed of Chaos and then decided to warp around killing things for PS3 trophies.  Griggs of Vinheim was first, I needed the Hush spell to complete the “Wisdom of a Sage” Trophy.  He was pretty harmless.

Next a quick warp to Anor Londo to fight Gwyndolin, the effeminate son of Lord Gwyn.  Another very easy fight and he was sent packing.

Lastly a warp back to Firelink where I fed the final lord souls to the vessel and walked into the Kiln of the First Flame.  Having never seen this, I wasn’t sure how hard it would be.  Not terribly, my crystal soul masses easily took down the knights and Gwyn was waiting for me.

A few Crystal Homing Soul Masses and some Crystal Soul Spears and Gwyn was finally dead leaving the final bonfire for me to light.  I chose to light it, earning the Link the Fire ending to the game.

I began NG+ and killed the Asylum Demon in two shots with Crystal Soul Spears.  I truly doubt I’ll be going through it again.  Time to move on to one of the other 24 games I’m waiting to play.

Thanks for staying with me.

To discuss Dark Souls or any other games tweet @IrreverentGamer

Stay stubborn folks.


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