Dark Souls : Boss Killing Rampage!


Hey gang, this is a really quick update because I’m tired and dont feel like typing, but I hunkered down and went on a boss killing spree.  My sorcerer is now SL 91 and pretty darn powerful.  With an INT of 45, the crown of dusk, the bellowing dragon crest ring and Logan’s Catalyst my spells seem to hit like a Mack truck.

I made my way through New Londo and visited the 4 Kings.  They stood no chance.  Without being hit on my first try they fell very easily.  Quickly picked up the trophy for their death.  I warped back to Undead Parish and took out an old nemesis, the Hellkite Dragon with a few soul spears and then made my way to the Demon Ruins.  There I met the Ceaseless Discharge and there he fell.  Now I’m making my way into Lost Izalith to wind down the rest of the game.

It’s been a blast so far as I creep close to the 50 hour mark.

Stay tuned!

To discuss Dark Souls or any other games tweet @IrreverentGamer

Stay stubborn folks.


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