Dark Souls : The Duke’s Archives/Crystal Cave


So I finally found the Crystal Caves and they suck.  Seriously, annoying to a fault.  The invisible platforms drive you mad.  Not the ones that go straight, those are easy enough, but the ones that turn left on you can be very frustrating.  I must have died 25 times trying to get across to an item and fell and fell and fell.

I finally got the Blue Titanite Slab, which led me to upgrading my enchanted weapon to a +5.  Hello trophy: Enchanted Weapon



After the upgrade, I made my way to Seath the Scaless, through his annoying army of clams (?), yes…clams.  They have legs and are ugly.



Once past these, there’s a cutscene and the battle with Seath follows.  I’ve been trying to cut off his tail to obtain the weapon, but I’ve had no luck in the ten or so times I’ve attempted which is why this update is short….I will continue to try my hand at obtaining the sword and then killing him.  Ugh….


Stay tuned!

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Stay stubborn folks.


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