Dark Souls : The Duke’s Archives


The Duke’s Archives seemed rather welcoming, with crystal skeletons shooting me with arrows, large blue crystal golems attacking me and soul spear shooting channelers in each corridor.  Fantastic.



After a couple of elevator rides and some easy fighting I got to the room with Seath the Scaleless.  Apparently, the first encounter with him is impossible and you must die to progress.  I obliged and found myself in the library prison.  Now there’s lizard guards, crystal skeles and weird octopus dudes, all of whom are easy to handle and give tons of souls.  The octo guards also drop humanity at a pretty good rate, so I’ve been bonfire farming them.

I found Big Hat Logan stuck here, but I cannot help him yet.  I’m making my way through the library avoiding the channelers that keep shooting at me from the various levels.

I’m going to keep fighting my way through as I want to take out Seath the Scaleless and acquire his soul and dragon tail weapon.  I’ll update as soon as I can.


Stay tuned!

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Stay stubborn folks.


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