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Now Playing: Diablo 3


I stumbled upon this game accidentally, never having played much in the Diablo series.  I was messing around with World of Warcraft and saw the digital ads for Diablo 3’s free trial on the PC.  I downloaded it and played with it a bit and thought that it looked pretty cool.  I googled some reviews and learned that it was available for consoles.  Knowing that I wasn’t playing much on my Xbox 360, I went over to Gamestop and grabbed a cheap used copy.   I am very happy that I did.

Jumping into the first Act, I picked a Sorcerer as that’s where I tend to begin any type of fantasy game.  My sorcerer, Ferrow, began the game with a standard magic missile spell and I traversed the short path to New Tristram.  As I made my way through Act I I realized that this game has the feel of the old school PC dungeon crawlers of the 90s like Dungeon Siege or Baldur’s gate, albeit a bit easier on the out set (I’m unable to play Hell or Inferno mode due to not having them unlocked yet).

The voice acting is cheesy, Deckard Cain reminds me of the holiday armadillo from this scene on Friends.   I was expecting him to tell me of the Maccabees and their plight in Egypt once he was done explaining the Horadrim.   That aside, the story is super generic at first…of course there’s a mysterious stranger and of course Deckard Cain foresaw the upcoming devastation of the planet, but playing through the game, cleaning out dungeons and fighting groups of mobs sure is a lot of fun.   I’m a  loot  junkie, so I am constantly looking for ways to upgrade my gear and change the way my character looks.  Without any options to customize your character when you start, gear is the best way to achieve a more unique look.

Halfway through the first act I decided that I wanted to get up close and personal so I created a Barbarian whom I’ve stuck with through the third act which I’m currently close to completing.   I named him  Rygar, after one of my all time favorite warriors from the 1980’s NES game.  Yes, the gamer is that old.

I have achieved level 30 currently and will continue to play through attempting to reach level 60 and I’d like to unlock the higher difficulty modes.  On normal mode I’ve taken out The Skeleton King, The Butcher, Maghda and Belial.  I’m working on Belial’s brother Azmodan and I expect to take him down today.

Has anyone played this?  Does anyone want to team up on Xbox to coop on a higher difficulty?

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